The most comprehensive global timeline detailing the development of women and sport.

A collection of women and sport moments, achievements and activism.From 1865 to present day.

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The Timeline is an educational resource for scholars, students and activists interested in women, sport and gender relations. It features some of the first examples of women’s participation across a range of sports as well as the origins, formations and development of organisations, conferences and meetings that have influenced the growth of women and sport. Moreover, the Timeline takes account of significant global and national non-sport events (e.g. World Wars; United Nations Conventions; national sex discrimination acts) to provide a broader contextual understanding of these developments around the world.

A unique feature of the Timeline is that it can be added to and revised by you in order to become even more exhaustive. If you see an entry that could be revised, or, a key event from your sport/country in relation to women and sport that is currently missing, please let us know via the ‘comment’ box for each entry or the ‘Contact us’ page.

The Timeline includes over 1,300 separate entries of information collated by Dr Jordan Matthews during and since his doctoral study on a social movement for women and sport. The majority of these entries originated from the Anita White Foundation Archive based at the University of Chichester, UK.